Paper Printing

Bingung untuk mencari jasa percetakan yang murah, cepat, mudah, dan kualitas tinggi?
Tim Kubus siap membantu sahabat untuk melengkapi kebutuhan cetakan berbagai macam kertas. Mulai dari volume satuan, sampai dengan ribuan. Hasil yang memuaskan, cepat dan berkualitas adalah tujuan utama Kubus.

Our Services

  • Large Format Printing

    We Print Most Everything in Printing Indsutries. From Meters Size Down to Milimeters Size.

  • Design & Advertising

    Make design that represent your company, culture and philosophy.

  • Paper Printing

    Make sure your brochure, books, magazine, poster, booklet, certificate, invitation etc. Print
    with us. Our new paper printer is ready for rock n roll.

  • Digital Ads

    Somehow, offline ads and online ads must be balanced and Kubus already prepare it for you
    and your company. We developing ads to connecting you and the online worlds.

  • Event & Brand Activation

    Right now, event is become important parts according to travel & tourism industries. We provide major thing about event such as : Meeting Kit, Audio Video System, Video Bumper, etc.

  • Aerial & Videography

    We help you identify and communicate your brand’s uniqueness, differention and value with
    our aerial & videography project.

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